Huawei Wi-Fi Mesh 7 review: – Is it a good wifi mesh system?

The Huawei Wi-Fi Mesh 7 wifi system is made up of an unadventurous design, whereas this mesh outperforms most budget alternatives while remaining well cheap.

Huawei was the one of the best company brands and one of my favorite Wi-Fi 6 routers. It is charmingly small and brings various benefits of the wireless Router 3. This provides proper network coverage for the ridiculously low cost of £80.

Apart from this, the Mesh 7 is a great Wi-Fi 6 mesh system. You bring two units in the package and they’re not marketed per. Therefore, in case, you like to grow your network you’ll have to move up in pairs. The mesh itself is a tri-band configuration, with one 5GHz radio running at up to 1.2Gbits/sec and a second confirming better speed of 4.8Gbits/sec over 160MHz channels while 2.4GHz radio operates at 574Mbits/sec.

At the end of per unit sit 4 Ethernet sockets and, unusually, there’s a tap-to-hook up NFC tag on the top as ably as a WPS button at the front. Huawei appropriates up to 128 devices that can hook up at once, with a better coverage of up to 600 square meters.

You can use the Huawei wifi mesh system network for your Synology Quickconnect security. It gives a more secure and encrypted network connection without any issues.

The pros of this wireless device are good performance and coverage, neat NFC and band-splitting features, plenty of Ethernet ports, etc. Its cons are fiddly mobile apps and a comparatively basic feature set.

A solid mid-price Wi-Fi 6 mesh

Times change, though. Benefit has now been turned off into an autonomous company and Huawei’s recent home networking resolution is an imposing tri-band mesh system with high-end hardware and a cost that’s better than treble the price of the old Router 3. Can the Huawei Wi-Fi Mesh 7 best suit our preferences as its cheap progenitor did?

Unnecessary to express, there’s complete backward compatibility, so the Mesh 7 will operate simply well with older Wi-Fi 5 devices. The most delinquent Wi-Fi 6E-compatible devices can hook up also, although they won’t get the performance honor of working in the less clogged 6GHz band.

At the end of each unit sit 4 Ethernet sockets and, unusually, there’s a tap-to-connect NFC tag on the top as well as a WPS button at the front. Huawei expropriates up to 128 devices at once, with a range of up to 600 square meters.

Huawei Wi-Fi Mesh 7 review: Cost and competition

You can spend less than £270 for a Wi-Fi 6 mesh system. A group of three D-Link M15 Eagle Pro AI AX1500 mesh units will price you only £163, while the TP-Link Deco X50 systems and the Netgear Orbi RBK352 can be had for £210 and £230 respectively. Huawei likewise gives its own low-cost option– the Wi-Fi Mesh 3, priced at simply £200 for 3 stations.

Those are all dual-band systems, nevertheless. They grow to be more lagging than a tri-band mesh since the exact 5GHz radio has to run both device connections and the backhaul traffic between the wireless mesh boxes. You can use the Huawei Wi-Fi Mesh 7 wireless network connection for the Synology storage device. You can manage its settings through its web based administration page, you just need to access So, let’s access it and apply the settings.

If you’re desiring the soundest download speeds, you’ll like to look at more expensive options, such as the Linksys Atlas Pro 6, Tp-link wifi system, Netgear wifi router, or the TP-Link Deco X90. Those are both quite a plenty more costly than the Mesh 7, nevertheless, at £380 and £440. Another option is the Plume HomePass, which operates out at £420 for the Wi-Fi 6-enabled edition, such as a one year subscription to Plume’s online services.

Huawei Wi-Fi Mesh 7 review: Physical design

The Wi-Fi Mesh 7 wireless device has a simple configuration, with a gray base and a white casing. They are by no means small: they stand 221mm tall, with an oval footprint growing to 76 x 150mm – whereas they should work comfortably onto a shelf or worktop.

Huawei Wi-Fi Mesh 7 review: Configuration and software attributes&lt

Huawei enables you to utilize its AI Life mobile app to set up and work the Mesh 7, and I located this fast and effortless to do. After that though, I didn’t adore utilizing the app. It’s created as a main gateway to the organization’s entire range of routers and savvy home appliances. So even in case the Mesh 7 is the best Huawei product you own, you have to log into it from within the app each time you launch it. It is useful for the Synology web station. And once you do, the management and options are laid out in a instead random method, with messes of subpages and submenus to navigate.

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