How to Setup the Asus Router as Access Point

Asus is the very powerful router that offers the speed of 1.3Gbps on the frequency band of 5 GHz and 600 Mbps on the frequency band of 2.4 GHz. This router can also be double up as a Wi-fi repeater and can be setup as an Asus access point. For establishing a connection with any outside device, we will have to establish our existing router as an access point.

What is An Access Point?

Access points are used not only for extending the wi-fi coverage area but also used for increasing the number of connecting devices and users. The access point router requires an Ethernet cable for connecting to parent modem or router. This cable also helps in transforming wired signals into the wireless.

Follow these steps to setup the Asus router as access point:
  • Firstly connect the Asus router via WAN port to the LAN port of the parent router or modem.
  • Now login to the admin page and click on Administration—>Operation Mode—>Access point and then click on save.
  • After this, you will be prompted to enter the IP address. As soon as you will click on the Yes button, it will fill up the IP address and other details automatically. You can also select No if you wish to add these details manually.
  • Now decide the name of the new network and its password. Note that special characters and space in router passwords generally don’t work well for the connected devices. After setting up everything hit the Apply button.

Restore Asus Router as access point settings?

    • Backing up the settings of Asus wi-fi router is a good habit lest someday you want to revert back all the settings. Thankfully there is a way of backing up all the settings wi-fi router.
    • Go on Administration and then on the third tab of Restore/Save/Upload Settings.

Restore Asus Router settings

  • When you will click n Save option it will save a CFG file to your system. Then you need to upload the same to your chosen cloud account so retrieving it later becomes easy.
  • Next time when you require to restore the previous settings, you can upload the same file through the Restore window.

That’s how you can restore Asus router settings. To setup your repeater you need to go through for more details.

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