The Asus ZenWiFi XT8 is an 802.11ax network whole-home tri-band mesh WiFi 6 system. It delivers seamless network coverage of up to 5,500 Sq. ft. The network connectivity of this system absolutely covers 6+ rooms in your home. The network connectivity of this system is very strong & reliable. The wireless speed of the mesh WiFi system is 6600Mbps. Moreover, the network connectivity of the Asus ZenWiFi XT8 Mesh System completely banishes WiFi dead zones in your home. The tri-band technology is equipped in this system that smoothly delivers strong wireless signals in every corner of your smart home. This system works with next-gen WiFi 6 technology. This technology with MU-MIMO & OFDMA asus zenwifi XT8 AX6600 allows faster & stable transmission even when various client’s devices are accessing the network at a time.

Furthermore, the ZenWiFi system comes along with two Asus AX6600 WiFi routers. This router utterly provides ultimate & more extended coverage. It delivers 1024-QAM & 160MHz bandwidth for more high-speed network connections. The setup of this router is fast & effortless by using the Asus Router App. Just install the App and effectively perform the wireless setup in a quick manner.

Installation steps of ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Mesh WiFi 6 System

The AX6600 ZenWiFi delivers ultra-fast, secure, and more reliable wireless network signals in the entire home. Additionally, the WiFi 6 is entirely compatible with an all-generation WiFi system. If you also want to connect your client device to this router and enjoy a high-speed network then you have to install it. Here are some asus zenwifi xt8 installation steps.

Unboxing the XT8 2PK WiFi System:
  • Before installing the AX6600 router, it needs to be unboxed and verify some accessories.
  • You have to use any components such as scissors and knife and unbox the packaging box of this system.
  • Inside the packaging box, you will find some accessories such as ZenWiFi AX Wireless Router, Power adapter, Network cable & Quick Start Guide.
  • You have to read the Quick Start Guide carefully before beginning the installation process.
Positioning your XT8 wireless router

For stable & better wireless network signals, you can select the best position of your router & client’s device.

  • The best location for your AX router is a centralized area of your home for the maximum and highest network signals.
  • You have to keep away your network device from direct sunlight as well as metal obstruction.
  • Must keep away the AX660 router from the 802.11g or 20MHz WiFi network device.
  • You should always update the Asus router’s latest firmware. You visit and quickly update the latest firmware.
Wired connection installation:

You can also install your xt8 router utilizing a wired connection. The wired connection is more secure & constant than the wireless connection.

  • To install the mesh router, you have to use the router’s AC adapter and plug it into the router’s DCIN port and other ends plug into the electric outlet.
  • Now, you have to take the network cable and attach it to the available LAN port of your computer & router.
  • To access the stable network signals, you can attach the cable modem to the WiFi router. For this, you can take another power cable and connect your modem & wireless router’s WAN port.
  • You have to insert your internet modem’s AC adapter to the available DCIN port and plug it into the electric outlet.
Wireless connection installation:

You can also install your AX wireless router wirelessly. There are some steps to wireless install the router.

  • To wirelessly install the router, you can plug the router’s AC power adapter into the available DCIN port of your router. The other end is inserted into the power outlet.
  • You can connect the internet modem to the router for optimum wireless connection. Can utilize a power cable and insert it into the router & modem WAN port.
  • You will need to power your internet modem. For this, you use a modem’s AC power adapter and plug it into the DCIN port. The other end is inserted into the near power outlet.
  • You can connect your computer to the network by using the SSID & password.
  • In the end, you can install an IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN adapter on your computer device.

Congratulations! The installation steps of the XT8 mesh WiFi system are surely complete. After that, you can seamlessly access the wireless network in your entire smart home.

Login steps of ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Mesh WiFi 6 System

The Asus AX xt8 tri-band whole-home system comes along with an intuitive web graphical user interface. This interface accurately allows configuring the multiple features by using a web browser. Here are some asus zenwifi xt8 login steps, you can follow & hassle-free log in to this router.

  • You can use any web interface such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, & Safari.
  • In the search field on the top panel of the browser, you enter
  • Next, it will redirect the login page. On this page, you have to enter the default username and password and properly log in to the account.
  • The default information is admin. You can input admin in both columns.
  • In the last, you will see the login icon on the login page, click on it and log in to the account.
  • Additionally, you can utilize web GUI to configure multiple settings on your AX6600 wireless router.

Thus, the login steps of the zenwifi mesh system are successfully completed. You can also apply these steps to properly log in to the router’s account.

Manual of the ZenWiFi AX6600 tri-band mesh system

The zenwifi AX wireless system comes along with two WiFi 6 routers. This router delivers seamless network coverage in the entire home. The network coverage of this system is up to 5,500 sq. ft. The network connectivity of this WiFi system entirely covers up to six rooms. Many questions come to the mind of every user before setting up the WiFi system, such as how to use zenwifi mesh system, how to reset asus zenwifi, how to connect your client device to the mesh system, how to configure the advanced settings, how to install Asus router, and more. If you want the exact answer to all these questions, then you can use the manual of this system. Because the manual provides absolutely correct information related to all questions.

In the asus zenwifi xt8 manual, you will get a lot of information along with all these questions. You can find out relevant information about this WiFi system such as model number is ZenWiFi AX 2PK; Wi-Fi connectivity technology; control method is an app; tri-band frequency band; 802.11ax network; 4 LAN port; 6600 Megabits Per Second data transfer rate; and more information.

Setup steps of the Asus ZenWiFi AX6600 WiFi System

You can also remotely operate the network of this WiFi system from anywhere inside your home. To remotely operate the network of this system you can perform the setup. The asus zenwifi xt8 setup is simple & fast by using the App. In the given below, there are some setup steps.

  • To set up a wireless router, you have to find out the QR code in the asus zenwifi ax6600 manual. Now you have to use the camera of your mobile phone and scan the code.
  • Moreover, you visit the Google Play Store & Apple App Store and search the Asus Router app in the search field. After that, you can download it with the download option.
  • Presently, you have to open the app and tap on the Sign-in icon. Then, you visit the login page. Under this page, you enter the username & password and entirely log in to the account.
  • Next, you can tap the tick option and properly accept “terms & conditions”.
  • On the top right-hand side of the app, you will find the add device icon. Just tap this option.
  • After that, the WiFi system list appears, you have to select your WiFi system & its model number.
  • Now, your mobile phone is surely connected to this mesh router. After that, you can remotely operate the network.

Yeah! The setup steps of the XT8 2PK mesh WiFi 6 system are entirely finished. You can also try these setup steps to remotely operate the network.

Configuring general setting of ZenWiFi AX6600 WiFi system

The general setting is the most important of the WiFi system to enhance the network speed. If you want to configure the general setting of this router, then for this you follow some steps below.

Using the network map:

The network map setting completely allows configuring the network security of your router.

  • To configure the network map setting, you can go to the General setting and then choose the network map option.
  • On the network map page, you can select the system status option. Then configure the wireless security such as network name, encryption & security level.
  • You can input the unique name for your network in the SSID field.
  • Next, you can choose the WEP encryption in the drop-down list.
  • In the end, you can click the save option and properly save the network map setting.
Creating a guest network:

The guest network setting provides the internet for your visitor. If you wish to provide the network then you should configure the guest network setting.

  • In the navigation panel, you can visit in the general setting. Under this setting, you can choose the guest network option.
  • In the guest network screen, you can choose 5GHz & 2.4GHz networks for your guest.
  • You can enter the security key to fully protect the network.
  • After configuring the guest network setting, you can click the save button.

Rg AiProtection setting is usually more useful because it provides real-time monitoring. Then, it detects malware & unwanted access.

  • In the general setting of the asus zenwifi ac6600 tri-band mesh, you can choose the AiProtection option.
  • Under the AiProtection page, you can select the network protection icon.
  • On the network protection page, you can click the scan option.
  • After that, you can follow prompt instructions and accurately configure the AiProtection setting.
Using the traffic manager:

In the traffic management setting, you can configure the QoS(Quality of Service) bandwidth. The QoS setting allows setting the bandwidth priority.

  • In the general setting, you can select the traffic management option. Under this option, you can also select the QoS setting option.
  • You can click ON to enable the Quality of service setting. Then, you can fill in the download & upload bandwidth fields.
  • In the end, click the save option
Using the USB application:

The USB application setting is very helpful for USB devices such as USB printers, network-attached storage devices, & more.

  • In the navigation panel, go to the general setting. Then you can select the USB application option.
  • On the USB application page, you can click the AiDisk icon.
  • Then, the welcome screen is pop-up, you can click the Go option.
  • You can choose the access right in the following option.
  • You can follow the onscreen instruction to properly configure the USB setting.

Now, the general setting of the AX6600 mesh WiFi 6 system is completely complete.

Issues of the XT8 AX6600 WiFi system

The AX wireless mesh router provides a high-speed & more reliable wireless network around the home. But occasionally, the asus zenwifi xrt8 issues come so the user cannot enjoy the wireless networks. These issues are as presented below:

  • WiFi 6 system is not turning
  • Network signals unstable
  • LED light flashing blue
  • Client device not connect
  • Zenwifi router no internet

Troubleshooting steps of ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Mesh tri-band system

If you wish to manually resolve the issue, then you can follow some steps. In the given below, there are asus zenwifi xt8 troubleshooting steps. With these steps, you can easily resolve the issues.

AX6600 Tri-Band WiFi 6 System won’t be turning ON:

If the mesh router is not turning ON then you should verify the power cable. Because sometimes the power cable is broken due to zenwifi system is not turn ON.
You can replace the power supply to resolve this issue.

Network signals unstable:
  • If the wireless network is unstable then you should verify the status. Because sometimes, many client devices are connected to this system then network signals are unstable.
  • You can change the network by a visit to the setting. After that, all client devices automatically disconnect.
Update the firmware in the latest version
  • If the LED light of the WiFi system is solid red that means the asus zenwifi xt8 firmware version is corrupt.
  • You can visit the advanced setting and promptly upgrade the firmware to the latest version.
Restart the WiFi system:
  • To resolve the issue, you can unplug the power cable into the DCIN port of the router. Then, you can also unplug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port.
  • Then, you can press the power button of your Asus router.
Reset the mesh WiFi 6 system:
  • If the zenwifi mesh system is not working then you can easily resolve this issue to perform the reset.
  • You can smoothly press the reset button that is available on the back panel. The LED light blinking means the WiFi system is successfully reset.

Review of ZenWiFi AX (XT8) WiFi system

In my point of view, the asus zenwifi xt8 review is, it is an incredible & high-speed whole-home WiFi system. The network coverage of this system is ultimate & wider. It covers up to 5,500 sq. ft. network coverage. The network signals completely cover six-room of your home. This system works with two AX6600 routers that deliver seamless network coverage. The wireless speed of this system is 6600Mbps. The next-gen WiFi 6 technology is built-in in this xt8 system that amplifies the wireless signals. The OFDMA technology, as well as MU-MIMO technology, deliver more reliable, efficient, & stable transmission speed. The asus zenwifi xt8 led light is built-in that entirely provides the optimum & best location.

The AX6600 tri-band mesh WiFi system delivers faster wireless network signals for multiple devices at a time. Meanwhile, the simple & fast setup of the Asus router with the Asus Router app. This WiFi system is surely compatible with any WiFi device. Thus, the asus zenwifi xt8 mesh router is a tremendous & most suitable network device for your whole home.


Q1. Does the AX6600 WiFi 6 System work with Amazon Alexa?

No, the AX XT8 WiFi system is not working with Amazon Alexa. It is not compatible with the Alexa device.

Q2. What is the green light on Asus zenwifi router?

If the LED of asus zenwifi xt8 green light means the connection is established. The green light indicates your wireless router is working well.

Q3. How to enable a 5GHz network in the Asus AX6600 router?

The 5GHz network provides high-speed network signals. You can go to the wireless setting of this router and quickly enable the 5GHz network.

Q4. Is the USB device compatible with the zenwifi mesh system?

Yes, the USB device is widely compatible with this wifi system. Because the USB port is built-in on the back panel of this WIFi 6 system.

Q5. How to fix the Asus zenwifi mesh system flashing red?

If the zenwifi system blinks red that means the firmware version of this WiFi system is outdated. You should upgrade the firmware in the latest version to resolve this issue.

Q6. How to set up the Asus zenwifi ax6600 system without the app?

If you wish to perform the asus zenwifi ax6600 setup without the asus router app, then you can use and property to perform the setup of this system.

Q7. Why do we need to buy the Asus xt8 mesh system?

The xt8 mesh WiFi system provides ultimate & seamless wireless network coverage. For the whole home then this system is needed.

Q8. Why zenwifi WiFi 6 system blinking blue light?

If the asus zenwifi xt8 blinking blue light that means your system is booting up.

Q9. How to resolve Asus AX6600 WiFi router say no internet

If the xt8 mesh system says no internet then you should verify the connection. Because many times, the cable is faulty then the no internet connection. You can replace this cable to resolve the issue.

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