ASUS RT-AC5300 router setup

ASUS RT-AC5300 Tri-Band WiFi Gaming Router Setup

Are you a programmer and require the fastest internet speed for the applications? Then ASUS RT AC5300 is the perfect router for you.


After ASUS RT-AC5300 router Setup, you can experience the power of tri-band essentially designed for high-end gaming. It can boost up the speed to 5334 Mbps and give you a smooth gaming experience with 4K video across your gaming setup. The tri-band smartly connects the device to the best band available to get a faster and better range. In comparison to other routers it is quite big.


The Asus router is designed with NitroQAM technology which will give you seamless experience. It delivers the best WiFi speed so that people connected to your network experience smooth streaming and low latency online gaming. The cross-platform compatibility of ASUS RT-AC5300 is commendable. It supports all the Operating systems including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It provides supreme coverage of WiFi with its four transmit, four receive (4T4R) antenna designs.

The range and signals of WiFi improve due to 4T4R system. Asus RT-AC5300 comes with a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. The USB transfer speed is over 100 Mbps and the download or upload speed (LAN throughput) of the router is up to 1800 Mbps. It is developed with 5 GHz bands and uses 802.11ac wireless technology.

ASUS RT-AC5300 Tri-Band WiFi Gaming Router SETUP Via

The setup manual comes along with the box of RT-AC5300 router. It also has set up CD inside it. So if you have a CD drive in your PC then you can use the setup CD for better understanding. For your convenience, here are the easy steps to be followed during the Asus RT-AC5300 setup via

Step 1: Setup the Modem

First, disconnect the modem if it is already connected to some other router. Now, connect your modem to the ASUS RT- AC5300 router with the help of network cables given with it. Switch on the DSL modem/ cable. Before going to step 2 check that cable/ DSL modem LED is on to ensure the connection.

Step 2: Setup the router

After checking the modem connections, plug in the power adapter of the router and press the power button which is present at the back of RT-AC5300. Now check that LED lights of WAN and 2.4G / 5G are glowing. It ensures that the hardware connection is ready.

Step 3: Log in to connect

Once the hardware is setup, open your PC and open the browsing window. Now you will be redirected to the ASUS setup wizard. If not the simply type Setup wizard window will appear on your screen. Now go to the login section and type “admin” as both username and password. “Admin” is the default username and password for the Asus router.

Now follow the set of instructions to complete the setup process. There you are, you are now connected to the ASUS AC 5300. It is advised to change the password for security. You will find the option of changing the password on the same setup window. Once the password is changed, reboot the router.

ASUS setup wizard

How to update firmware of ASUS RT-AC5300 gaming router

A router acts as a protective shield between the malicious content and unwanted attacks available on the web. To avoid network insecurity and vulnerability we should update the router’s firmware at regular intervals of time. Follow the given below steps to update your asus router firmware AC5300.

firmware of ASUS AC5300
  1. Connect your RT-AC 5300 router with the connections. Open the web browser and type You can also type in the router’s IP address.
  2. Now login to your account and go to the advance settings.
  3. Select Administration and then system. Now put the username and password in the given area.
  4. Click on the firmware versions and select firmware upgrade available under the administration tab. Always remember to check the security update section.
  5. Now click on the firmware upgrade to install. Once the installation is over, the router will update the firmware. Reboot the router.


1) Asus AC5300 Router no internet

Here are some quick steps you should try to fix the no internet problem:

  • Switch off the power button of the router and turn it on after one minute.
  • Check the cable connections of the router as well as a modem. For eg: your modem should be connected from the internet port (WAN) of the router.
  • Check the internet connection of the modem by directly connecting it to the PC.
  • Follow all the above steps and check if you can access the internet or not. Still, if you are facing a problem contact support team.
2. Asus RT-AC5300 WiFi not working
  • This problem mostly occurs due to the Ethernet cable. If the cable is faulty it disrupts the connection. Due to this, your WiFi will flash orange light in revert. Check your ethernet cable is in good condition or not.
  • This problem may also arise due to overheating. Overheating occurs if the router is on for a longer period. Turn off the router for 15-20 minutes and try again.
  • The third reason could be an IP conflict. To replace the IP address of a router, open a web browser and type Enter the username and password. Choose LAN and replace the IP address with and subnet with
3. ASUS RT_AC5300 port forwarding
  • Disable the router firewall and enable it after some time. Also, check whether you have set up the router in Modem—>router—>PC order.
  • Reboot the network devices and then reboot your PC.
  • Check the IP of your PC is static or not? If not then change it to make it static.
If still, you are facing the same problem then contact the support team of ASUS.
4. RT AC5300 not working.
  • This problem may occur due to the device reorganization problem. To solve this, connect your router to the PC with an ethernet cable. Now clone the mac address. Once it is done, the router will start working.
  • Upgrade the ASUSWRT firmware if you find your router in the list of available files.


This particular router from Asus is quite the heavy-duty style and is designed in a sturdy manner. Even the look of it projects an impression of power at first glance. The router is a high-quality product with a good range. Primarily the best for good gaming and streaming experience the router can also be used for more casual non-heavy internet usage. Applied that it is used in a home that is substantially large or just has a good number of walls.

Scarcely would you need an extra extender or repeater on this router looking at its range and capability? It is very reliable unless you are using it in the corner of an obscurely large area. Other than that scenario is it very impressive. It is also quite a sturdy build and very resistant to damage. A good feature to have since the practice of keeping routers at a high place. Falling down will not do much damage to this connectivity monster. Overall applicability and compatibility of around 9 out of 10. Recommendable to whoever needs a powerful router with good speed, network strength, and range.