Asus RT-AC51U AC750 router setup

Asus RT-AC51U | AC750 Router

Asus RTAC51U router supports dual bandwidth for complete coverage in your house. It has a USB port that can be used to connect a Printer or even a USB flash drive. To support easy setup a WPS can be initiated via the WPS button present at the back of your Asus router. Wps looking like two arrows in a circle going upward and downward. Read on below to learn Asus RT-AC51U AC750 router setup-

Let’s position your Asus AC750 router

First of all make sure your router is plugged in away from heavy-duty motors, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. Since these devices interrupt the Wi-Fi connection. You can setup your Asus AC750 router via a cellphone(wirelessly) or with the computer(wired/wirelessly).

Asus RT-AC51U

In case you already owned a router, you need to disconnect it from the network. Now remove all the cable from the existing modem and incase it have battery backup it is recommended you remove that too. Before we start Asus RT-AC51U setup make sure you reboot your cellphone/laptop that you will be going to use for the setup. We can setup router via wired and wireless connection lets start the process:

  1. Connect your router’s power plug into wall outlet.
  2. Using an ethernet cable connect Asus router’s LAN port to the computer.
  3. With the help of another ethernet cable connect modem to router’s WAN port.
  4. Plugin your Modem’s AC adapter into wall outlet.
  1. Connect your router’s power adapter to wall outlet.
  2. Plug ethernet cable between router’s WAN to the modem.
  3. Insert the modem’s power adapter into an electrical outlet.
  4. Connect to your Router’s network name printed on the label of the router using phone’s or computer’s Wi-Fi.

Asus RT-AC51U AC750 router setup via web GUI

  • We can access the Asus router web GUI using any browser like google, firefox, safari, etc.
  • Since we are already connected to router’s network through one of the above mentioned steps (wired/wirelessly).
Asus RT-AC51U router
  • Open a browser and in the address bar type or
  • Type username and password as “admin” for asus router login.
  • On the top left corner select the “Quick Internet Setup” option.
  • Router will automatically detect your internet connection type like Dynamic, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, and static IP.
  • NOTE:- If QIS id not able to detect ISP type skip to manual settings.
  • Next you have to type SSID and password for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network that you are creating.
  • Click on finish and try connecting your devices to the network.

How to manage clients list on asus router?

We sometimes see some suspicious activities going on our network, or sometimes we want to know the IP addresses of the devices connected to the router. For this, we need to login to the main router and go to the DHCP list to check the details of individual device connect.

Below mentioned are the steps to look for the DHCP list on Asus RT-AC51U AC750 router:

  1. Login into the router via
  2. On the navigation panel, go to general settings–>Network map.
  3. The network map will show an icon for the clients list.
  4. Select the device you want info for, it shows you its name or model and the IP address.
  5. It even gives you an option to block the IP address in case you feel it doesn’t belong to you.

How to enable the guest network on the Asus router?

We sometimes have our friends or colleagues in our homes and they ask for Wi-Fi password. Now you know privacy is so important these days. So to enhance your privacy Asus provides you an option to create a guest network with access time feature. You can create a guest network without sharing the password for the main network to your guests. Asus RT-AC51U supports up to six SSID that can be created under a guest network:

  • Go to general under navigation tab and select a guest network.
  • Click on enable option to create a guest network.
  • Type the SSID that you want to create.
  • Select one of the encryption types.
  • You can even specify the Access Time or can leave it to limitless.
asus router

How to upgrade Asus RT-AC51U AC750 router firmware?

It is very important to keep the latest firmware on your devices because company releases very cool features which enhances your device’s stability and performance. So if we talk about Asus router’s firmware it can be downloaded from and once the latest firmware is downloaded follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Login into Asus router and on your dashboard, go to advanced settings, administration, firmware upgrade.
  2. Now browse and locate the file that you downloaded.
  3. Click on upload and wait until your router reboots before you connect your devices.

How to setup Asus EZ printer sharing?

setup Asus

With this feature you can wirelessly give a print command to your printer from any device in your home. For this, your printer has to be connected with the USB port on your router. The windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supported by print server function.

  • On your router’s dashboard goto General—->USB Application—–>Network Printer Server.
  • Download the network printer utility from the option on the screen.
  • Unzip the file, and run the setup from the Printer.exe file.
  • On-screen instructions must be followed for proper hardware installation.
  • Click here to download Asus RT-AC51U AC750 Router Pdf Manual.