Asus RP-AC51 Dual Band

Asus RP-AC51 Dual Band AC750 not working | Asus repeater RP-AC51 setup.

The Asus RP-AC51 is an 802.11ac dual-band wireless repeater that works with any wifi router to raise and enlarge signals. It is usually really helpful to eliminate wi-fi dead zone and improved network coverage. This dual-band repeater is a solution for every wifi router and it extends the wi-fi network of your router. Ordinarily, the Asus RP-AC51 range repeater is used to cover long area coverage and remove the weak signal of the router. With this repeater, you can enjoy the combined wifi network speed of up to 750 megabits(Mbps). This repeater optimizes dual external antennas that are specially designed to improve wireless coverage throughout the home.

The Wi-Fi coverage of the Asus RP-AC51 dual band repeater is ultimate because the wifi speed is up to 750 Mbps. It delivers blazing wireless AC speed- 433 Mbps speed allow the band 5 GHz and 300 Mbps 2.4 GHz. This repeater ordinarily uses dual-band networking frequency.

You can use the wi-fi-protected setup(WPS) button and do the Asus RP-AC51 range extender/repeater setup instantly. This repeater is versatile which means 3 working modes are there like AP mode, repeater mode, and media bridge mode.

Features of the Asus RP-AC51 dual band repeater

The Asus ac750 wifi repeater delivers the ultimate wi-fi network speed with the border network coverage. This wifi repeater comes with key features. This feature absolutely boosts the wi-fi network.

  • Wi-fi 5(802.11ac): The 802.11ac is the most advanced or latest technology network standard that provides 1.3Gbps network speed. The RP-ac51repeater utilizes the wifi 5 technology that delivers a smooth and reliable wireless network.
  • Eliminate wi-fi dead zone: The Asus RP-ac51 wifi repeater absolutely eliminates the wi-fi dead zone, buffering, and interrupted signal. Because the network coverage is wide that burnish the wi-fi network zones.
  • Dual-band 2.4 GHz/ 5 GHz: The Asus RP-AC51 ac750 operates dual-band radio frequency. The dual-band frequency allows 2 bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 5 GHz band allows the speed 433 Mbps and 2.4 GHz 300 Mbps.
  • 2 × External Antennas: The 2 outside antennas have built-in in the Asus repeater. The 2× antennas are truly helpful to improve the interrupted signal and raise the wireless network.
  • Three modes: The AP, repeater, and bridge mode is also there in the RP-AP51 wifi repeater. The AP mode is used for wireless LAN connectivity which means it provides a wireless connection. The repeater mode is used to regenerate the wireless signals. The Media bridge mode allows you more entertainment with the repeater devices the fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection.

Installation of the Asus RP-AC51 dual band repeater

The Asus ac750 wifi repeater is a perfect solution for all wi-fi routers and weak wi-fi networking devices. If you stream the videos and play gaming consoles then you can unbox the repeater, after that install it. Now you will think about how to install Asus rp-ac51. Then, you can follow the installation steps of this wifi repeater and then easily install the repeater.

  • To install the repeater, you can confirm all the accessories of the ac750 wifi repeater. The accessories of this repeater are Ethernet cable, Asus RP-ac51 repeater, power cable and adapter, USB cable, and quick installation guide.
  • Then, choose the perfect location to place the repeater. For eliminating the router’s weak signal you should keep the repeater close to the existing router.
  • Now, take the wireless dual-band repeater and plug it into the main power supply. Then, turn ON the power button of your extender.
  • You can locate the WPS button of the Asus wifi range extender and router. Then, press the extender’s WPS button for 10-15 seconds.
  • Within 1-2 minutes, you can also hold the router’s WPS button.
  • Then, examine the LEDs status of your rp-ac51 repeater. If the LEDs color solid green that means installation is successful.

The installation process of the Asus RP-AC51 wi-fi ac750 is entirely finished. You enjoy gaming and streaming without worrying about the interrupted signals.

Login Steps of the Asus RP-AC51 dual band repeater with

The Asus wireless repeater delivers an ultra-fast wireless network. If you want to do the setting of this repeater then you can get the login page. Without a login page, you cannot do the setting of this repeater. Below are some Asus repeater RP-AC51 login steps to access the login page, which will make the login page easy to access.

  • Firstly, you have to join your dual-band wifi repeater to the electric outlet.
  • Then, join your computer/laptop/iPhone to the Asus ac750 repeater using the wi-fi and ethernet cable.
  • Turn ON your networking device i..e computer/laptop/iPhone, launch the web preferred web browser.
  • You use the URL field of the browser and then enter Afterward, hit or press the enter button.
  • A login page of the Asus repeater ac750 is pop-up on your computer display.
  • Presently, you can enter the Asus repeater RP-AC51 default password and username as admin.
  • Enter the admin in the Asus repeater username and password field and click the option “Login”.

The login steps of the Asus wifi repeater RP-AC51 are wholly complete. After that visit the advanced setting and then make a change.

Asus RP-AC51 WiFi repeater Setup Steps

If you really want to eliminate the weak signal of the wifi repeater then make changes. If you want to change the setting then you can visit the setting and do the Asus rp-ac51 setup. After logging in to the repeater account, you can easily change the setting of this repeater.

  1. You can get the login page of the Asus repeater with or 192.168. 1.1.
  2. The Asus repeater ac750 login Window is prompt, you can use admin login credentials and then log in to the account.
  3. Go to the setup wizard option and then all settings pop up.
  4. You can enter a new SSID(network name) and network password in the provided username and password field.
  5. You can also change the radio frequency band, for this open the radio frequency option and then enable any band of your choice.
  6. Also, modify the internet connection for a stable and faster network. Select the dynamic or PPPoE connection.
  7. Allow the wireless security encryption to protect the repeater.
  8. Now, the configuration summary is prompt on your computer screen, you can click “next”.
  9. To save all the changes settings, you have to click the Save option.

Thus, the Asus repeater setup RP-AC51 steps are complete.

Troubleshooting steps of the Asus RP-AC51 wifi Repeater

Sometimes the Asus RP-AC51 repeater does not work properly like it does not give a proper range, the LED light turns red, the Asus repeater not connecting, and other problems. Then this problem is quickly resolved with the given below troubleshooting steps.

  • If the Asus repeater rp-ac51 not connecting to the wifi router with the WPS button. Then you should use an Ethernet cable connection. The ethernet cable connection stays connected and you get a stable wi-fi network.
  • The Asus ac750 repeater blinking red then you should confirm your existing router should not keep away the repeater. Maybe the fault is your repeater is placed in the heating source. The repeater is far away from water and heating sources.
  • If the Asus rp-ac51 dual band repeater won’t turning ON, then you verify the repeater is properly plugged into the electric outlet. Maybe the electric outlet is not receiving current then remove the repeater from the existing power outlet. And then plug a working electric outlet.
  • If the Asus rp-ac51 no internet, then you can unplug the repeater from the power source. And then turn it off with the power button. Wait some minutes and then turn it ON.
  • You have to find the reset button of the repeater and then the Asus rp-ac51 factory reset with this button.

Steps for firmware upgrade of Asus RP-AC51 dual band range repeater

The firmware version is most important to the wifi dual-band repeater. If you don’t upgrade the firmware then it does not work well. Some Asus RP-AC51 firmware upgrade steps are given below.

  • Ensure your computer is connected to the repeater wifi network with wi-fi or Ethernet.
  • Then, download the latest firmware file to your network-connected computer.
  • Now, use 192.168. 1.1 or and then log in to the repeater account.
  • Afterwards, click the option firmware update in the provided repeater settings.
  • Then, find out the firmware file on your computer. After finding the file, you can upload the download firmware file in the provided “browse” field.
  • Eventually, to upgrade the firmware you can click “upgrade”.

Factory Reset the Asus wireless repeater RP-AC51

The reset button is built-in in this repeater, with this button you can reset quickly.

  • Firstly, turn ON the Asus wifi repeater through the repeater power button.
  • Locate the Asus repeater reset button. The reset button is small and it’s on the back of the Asus RP-AC51 dual band repeater.
  • You can take some components such as PIN and paperclip.
  • While using this component, press the repeater’s reset button.
  • After some seconds, you can release or leave this component to the reset button.

Now, your Asus RP-AC51 factory reset is successful.

Review of the Asus RP-AC51 dual band wireless ac750 repeater

In my scenario, the Asus rp-ac51 review is, the Asus ac750 wifi repeater is an extremely amazing wifi networking device because it delivers an unbelievable wireless network. The wi-fi network range is up to 750 Mbps. The wireless network coverage of the Asus rp-ac51 ac750 is 3,000 square feet. The installation of the Asus wireless repeater rrp-ac51 is simple. It absolutely covers the whole area of the home. This repeater works with aimesh technology. This Asus RP-AC51 aimesh technology actually covers every corner of your home. It delivers seamless roaming through the home. The setup of this dual-band repeater is simple with Asus ac750 repeater default IP. It works with all the wi-fi routers and every networking device. Thus, the Asus repeater RP-AC51 is an extraordinary optimum device for border network coverage.


Q1. What should I do if my Asus RP-AC51 repeater is not working?

If the Asus repeater RP-AC51 not working, then you can turn off your repeater for a few minutes. And leave this extender in a cool area. After that, turn On the repeater with the power button.

Q2. How do I fix my Asus to keep losing WiFi?

If the Asus repeater loses the wifi network connection then the connection is not properly between the dual-band repeater and router. You use an ethernet cable and then connect the repeater to the router.

Q3. Can I change the login admin password on my Asus RP-AC750 wifi repeater?

You can use the default ip on your wifi repeater and visit the login page. Then enter the default password to log in to the account. Now, click the option password, enter a new password in the password column.

Q4. Can the Asus dual-band repeater be set up with the Asus app?

Yes, you can visit the apple app store on your iPhone and then install the Asus app. Then, log in to the account with username ID and password. Then follow the provided on-screen instructions.

Q5. Is the Asus RP-AC51 dual band repeater compatible device?

Yes, the Asus repeater is a compatible networking device. Because this repeater is quickly connected to every networking device with a WPS button or LAN port.

Q6. How to Enable AP mode in my Asus repeater ac750?

The Asus RP-AC51 dual band repeater has three modes like AP, Repeater, and media bridge mode. If you want to enable this mode then visit the setting and then enable the AP mode.