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Ausu Router App?

Asus Router app plays an important role after you set up your Asus router. Setting up the router is itself very easy all you need to do is to connect both Ethernet and power cable and turn on the router. Once it’s connected, you will see three blue LED lights turning on the router. Now it’s time for you to open the Asus router app on your phone. This Asus app is very convenient and useful; it comes with various functions that are beneficial to manage the app:

Managing the Activity on your home network

You will be able to observe a particular device (your kid’s phone or laptop) is using the internet, and you will be able to manage it in case you find it unnecessary or malicious.

Share the Wi-Fi details with the guests at your place

It is quite easy to do just open your router app and you will see an option “Share your Wi-Fi” after clicking on that you get an option to choose the devices you want to share the Wi-Fi details with.

Manage the security setting to protect the connection

This app also helps you to diagnose your security settings, it can be done by running a rapid check that reveals and helps you to recognize the problems.

asus router app


This can happen sometimes that the connection fails but the following are some of the steps or quick solutions that you can try to fix Asus Wifi Router App connection failed issue:

  • Firstly, power cycle the router- Sometimes there is some internal Glitch in the router due to which the connection gets failed so it is advised to remove all the cables wait for 5 minutes and then again insert the ethernet and the power cable and set up the router. Now launch the app on the phone and connect again.
WAN connection
  • Match the IP address on your PC as well as on the Asus router app- While setting up the router and the app IP address do not match which create this issue so you can try and match the IP address.
  • Check the WAN connection- Check if the WAN is connected properly or not if not then here are some of the steps which you need to follow. Login to the router to the DC-IN port into a power plug, after that, connect your PC to the wireless router. After that take another cable and connect with your modem. Now, install the adapter ‘IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN and check if the internet is connecting or not.


Setting up the Asus router via App is quite easy. It supports both Android and IOS versions. Now, launch the app on your phone and follow the simple steps that come along. While setting up the app you will be asked to set up two passwords, make sure that one password is to connect the wireless connections and the other password is for the admin account which will hold the power to manage the connections.

Asus router app remote connection?

In the Asus Router app, you get an option to remotely access your connections. Asus comes with the remote management system which helps you to access the same. If you are thinking how to enable ASUS wireless router then here are some of the steps.

  1. Enter the IP address of your device, followed by the admin username and password.
  2. Click on the admin
  3. Click on the option “System”
  4. To enable the web access from WAN click “Yes”
  5. Lastly, click Apply and you are done, now you can access the networks from anywhere.
Asus router app remote

Asus router app authentication failed?

Here are some of the steps to troubleshoot Asus router App authentication failed error:

asus router app
  1. Check the Wi-Fi password, this type of error occurs when the passwords do not match, so check the password with the credentials.
  2. Reset the connection – This is the basic yet effective step, you have to forget the network and then put the passcode again and reset your connection in order to fix the authentication failed error.
  3. Change the Wi-Fi connections- this can be done by changing the IP settings on the system to secure the connection.

How to remove devices from Asus app?

You can use the Mac Filtering to remove the devices from the App. This filtration process helps you to remove devices from your network or create a whitelist for allowed devices that can connect to the internet.

Asus app can’t find router?

There can be several reasons why the app can’t find the router.

  1. The Wi-Fi is not enabled.
  2. The IP Address is not correct; you need to check that beforehand.
  3. The router model number is not supported by the Asus router app.
  4. Your app might be outdated, and you have to update the app to get connected to the router.
Asus app

How to update the Asus app?

Asus router app can be updated unlike any app; you can just update your application from the play store or app store as per the version of the phone. You can update the firmware on the device by clicking on settings—–>About—–>System——>Update to get the firmware’s latest version.