The ASUS Lyra AC2200 AiMesh Router is a tri-band wifi mesh router. You can also say that it is all in one world’s first AiMesh Gigabit wireless router with smart and ultimate speakers. Moreover, the AiMesh router supports all the compatible Asus devices and then creates a powerful whole-home wireless connection. Also, the mesh router is compatible with smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Alexa is built-in into the router so there is no requirement to add any wifi-enabled device to the Alexa. Although it has advanced features that help to make the device different from other devices in the market. The router has Aiprotection advanced features that enable parental control for the safety of the users.

The Asus Lyra ac2200 tri-band whole-home wifi mesh system is simple looking and also easy to use. Furthermore, it consists of three identical wireless routers. From then one wifi router works as the main source of internet connection and the other two routers work as satellites to your home network connection.

ASUS Lyra AC2200 AiMesh Ultimate Features

The Asus Lyra AC2200 tri-band wifi system mesh network has the latest technology that helps to provide a powerful and strong whole-home wireless connection. As you know the smooth and reliable connection has become an essential part of everyone’s life. But the range can be affected due to major factors such as furnishing or construction materials or room layout. Hence the Lyra AiMesh wifi router is the perfect and ideal router that can solve all the wifi problems. Here you can read its ultimate features so you can get more familiar with the device. The things about the device which are most admired by its users are as follows:

  • The ASUS Lyra AC2200 AiMesh has a three-stream design in which one is acting as the main source of internet connection and the other two routers work as main satellites that pass the range connectivity to the connected devices with more reliability and stability.
  • You are the admin of the device so that you can access the Asus Router app or the web browser as an administrator. You can also change the settings of the mesh system and then customize it according to your requirement.
  • Asus lyra ac2200 access point

    With the asus lyra ac2200 access point, it works as a smooth wireless system and smartly connects to the best signal connection that comes under the range of the wifi router. So that you can move anywhere around the house and don’t get disturbed by the interrupted dead zones.

  • To get maximum wireless coverage performance, it creates three different frequency bands. So that you can use each wifi hub to communicate with other wireless devices. Also, you can leave other frequency bands completely so that they can speed up the network connection with more stability.
  • The asus lyra ac2200 wifi mesh has smart built-in four wifi antennas that you can add into the new hu and increase the range of the existing wifi connection. Also, you can check the signal strength and the quality of the internet connection. The other two hubs will automatically connect to the best wifi signal when it comes to the range of the smooth wifi connection.

To get more familiar with the Asus Lyra AC2200 Mesh router, interpret these points appropriately.

ASUS Lyra AC2200 AiMesh Configuration

For the Asus Lyra ac2200 setup or the configuration, you can try these simple and easy steps that can help you to configure your device in an intuitive way.

  • The first thing you need for the setup of the mesh router is an active internet connection so that you can download the Asus Lyra App from the App store.
  • Open the app and then agree to the terms and conditions to access the app.
  • Click on the start button and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The next step is to identify the primary Lyra unit and then connect it to your internet provider modem.
  • Afterward, plug into the power cable once the light on the top of the Lyra is closed and a solid white then it is ready to connect.
  • Now you can click on the search on the app.
  • Once it is connected to the app, now you” ll need to set your username and password.
  • When prompted to the page, you can choose a location of the primary Lyra unit. In this case, if you are setting up in the office then type in the box for office use.
  • Next, choose a name and password for your network connection. This process will take one or two minutes to set up.
  • When the light glows blue, it’s ready.
  • Hence you need to find a good location for the remaining nodes for the section. The third node you” ll need to plug in the power cable and then input the location into the app.

That’s it. The Asus Lyra ac2200 installation is done and ready to go to the Asus Lyra app that also gives you a suite of advanced features including real-time monitoring so that you can see who is connected to your wifi network.

How to overcome the Asus Lyra ac2200 problems?

The Asus Lyra voice ac2200 tri-band smart wifi router is the best router to date. Also, the problems that are related to the working of the device are not so big. You can deal with or overcome the issues on your own. In order to solve the problem, please follow all the troubleshooting steps in a proper sequence. Let’s discuss the problems or queries in this article.

Why does the Lyra voice Alexa not working appropriately?

It may stop working due to some technical issues or the router may not be getting adequate internet connectivity. You can also check the cable that should be properly connected to the main power outlet. These are the reasons that stop the device to work effectively. You can sort out these issues by checking the internet connection or the cables which should not be broken or have cuts at the edges of the wires.

Why does the Asus Lyra ac2200 not starting?

If the Asus Lyra is not starting then make sure that the cables are properly connected to the power source. Ensure that the wires should not have any cuts and supply the current to the mesh router properly. If the cables are broken then immediately change it. Also, make sure that the product you receive should not be defective. This may be the reason also why the device is not starting. If this is the reason then contact the dealer and change the product with the new one.

What are the steps for the Asus Lyra ac2200 reset?

Every device reset button is located in a different place. For the Asus Lyra ac2200 factory reset, first, you need to find out the reset button or switch. You get the button on the bottom side of the panel. Once you find the button then hold it or push it until the LED light on the top of the device flashes orange. Afterward, you need to wait until the LED lights will go into the proper sequence of varied colors. You will find that the device has been reset when the LED light on the device turns solid white.

What indicates the Asus Lyra ac2200 light status?

As you know different LED lights have different indications which are also used to instruct you on the connection between the connected device or the Lyra router. Here you will get to know the different LED colors of the Lyra.

  • The Light cyan LED light on the device indicates that everything is working well and effectively.
  • The Red LED light on the device indicates the loss of the connection to the primary Asus Lyra. So that you need to move closer to the range extender.
  • The Orange LED light on the device indicates the loss of internet connection. Make sure that the cable should be connected to the modem.
  • The Solid white LED light on the device indicates that the router is ready for setup. When you see the solid white LED this simply means that it is going to connect to the app and do the setup steps successfully.
  • The random breathing LED light indicates that the device is booting up or working on the changed settings.
How to do the Asus Lyra ac2200 firmware update?

To update the firmware of the Asus Lyra device, first, you need to open the Asus Lyra app on your mobile device. Then go to the Menu section in the left bar of the screen. Now tap onto the settings section from the menu. Now you can select the firmware update from the settings of the device. After clicking, the app will start its work and can identify the updates from the Lyra hubs. Now you need to wait for a few minutes until the process is complete.

For detailed knowledge to know how to setup Asus Lyra ac2200 then refer to the Asus Lyra ac2200 manual

Asus Lyra AC2200 review

I loved the performance of the Asus Lyra voice wireless ac2200 tri-band gigabit router. It has a lot of features and comes with ease of use technology. As the name suggests, the device has Amazon Alexa’s voice and can be operated like other echo devices. The asus lyra voice setup is already built-into the device. It does not require any separate setup so run with the voice command. If we talk about the setup which is very easy with the help of the Asus Lyra app. You can go for it if you are looking for the powerful mesh system for the whole home internet coverage.

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