ASUS AX6100 WiFi Router RT-AX92U 2 Pack Setup And Review

The Asus router is the most powerful mesh wireless wifi networking system. It provides the stable wifi connectivity in the whale home. This router is designed to remove the dead zone from the home. If you use an Asus AX6100 wifi router, then it will give you stable WiFi connectivity to play online gaming and watch 4K videos. It has four extender antennas that manage the wifi network connectivity. This router has tri-band MU-MIMO technology, You get a single 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands. The asus router allows to stream HD videos without any buffering. It boosts existing wifi signals in the whole home. The wifi coverage of this router up to 5500 sq. ft. It covers every corner of the house and office.

The setup of the asus wifi router RT-AX92U is quick and easy. It provides seamless coverage in the long-distance area. It is easily compatible with all the networking devices and it has higher wifi capacity. This wifi router has ultra-fast wifi speed.

Setup the Asus WiFi router using the wired connection

If you use the Asus AX6100 wifi router, so for this you have to install first. If you choose a wired connection, it is very simple. In this connection the router does not repeatedly disconnect to the computer. Inside the wired connection, using the ethernet cable. There are some steps to connect the router to the computer.

  1. The initial steps, power OFF all the devices like internet modem, wifi router and computer or laptop.
  2. Take one ethernet cable, plug the one end of the ethernet cable into the internet modem.
  3. Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the wifi router.
  4. Now, take another ethernet cable, attach the one end of the cable into the wifi router.
  5. Attach the other end of the ethernet cable into the computer or laptop.
  6. At the end, power ON wifi router and computer or laptop.

Now, you will see the notification on the computer or laptop screen, in the notification message it appears the wifi router RT-AX92U is properly connected to the computer or laptop. You can easily login the wifi router.

Asus AX6100 wifi router login through the

The asus wifi router removes or eliminates the dead zone in the home. It is compatible with more networking devices at a time. This router provides a steady connection to all the networking devices. If you want to login, it is effortless. It takes 2-3 minutes to asus ax6100 login. If you are logging in then you can login in this way without any hassle.

  1. Firstly, unbox the wifi router in the box. Then place the wifi router, best location of wifi router is nearby the computer.
  2. Make sure the connection between the computer and wifi router is properly, wired or wirelessly.
  3. Power ON the wifi router and computer.
  4. Navigate the web browser and type, press enter.
  5. The login page of the asus router is displayed on the computer screen.
  6. In the page, the username and password field appear. You will ask for the login credentials.
  7. Now, fill the default username ID and password.
  8. At the end, click on the “Login” button.

Once you successfully access the asus router RT-AX92U login page, you can start the setup of the wifi router.

Steps to access the asus ax6100 router setup page

The asus ax6100 is a wifi 6 gaming router, that also allows super-fast wifi connectivity for enjoying the gaming console. If you want to access the asus ax6100 wifi router setup page, you can access it in 2 ways. First one is web-based and second is App.

By using the web browser
  • The foremost steps, connect the router to the computer by using the wired or wirelessly connection.
  • Plug the router and computer wire into the power circuit and then Power ON the wifi router and computer.
  • Launch any web browser of your choice like Mozilla firefox, safari, internet explorer etc.
  • In the browser URL bar type, press enter.
    NOTE: if the web address is not working you can use the IP address of the router. The IP address of the asus router is
  • The login page is displayed, you fill the login details and also click the login section.
  • The setup wizard appears on the computer screen.
  • Here, follow the onscreen instructions.

After following the instruction, the asus ax6100 router setup is successfully complete.

By using the Asus Router App
  1. The initial step, connect the mobile phone to the router’s network name.
  2. Go to the “App store” and “Google Play Store” and download the app.
  3. After downloading the app, open it and follow the instructions.
  4. Tab “+icon” for Setup a new router.
  5. The device list appears, select the ausu wireless router name.
  6. Tab “ALLOW” section to proceed the setup.
  7. Welcome quick internet setup window pop up, then tap “START”.
  8. You set the Internet type based on the network condition.
  9. Type network name(SSID) and Network key(password).
  10. Enter login name and newpassword, confirm new password and tab “next”.
  11. In the eventually, the setup of the wireless wifi router is complete.

Troubleshooting tips for asus router not working

The Asus ax6100 not working, if you want to resolve the issue without any hassle. Then follow the tips, which are given below.

  • Firstly, you need to unplug the wifi router into the power circuit and after 5-10 seconds again plug into the power circuit. Now, check the router’s power LED.
  • Secondly, verify the connection between the router and computer. Properly check the ethernet cable.
  • Sometimes due to overheating, the asus ax6100 wifi router does not work. To resolve the issue, a router must be placed in the ventilated area.
  • Maybe you are using an old firmware version of the router, you need to check the firmware version of the ausu ax6100 wifi router.
  • Make sure you fill the correct login details in their field.
  • At last, if all the above-given tips are failed, then the last option is to reset your asus router.

Manually Firmware update for asus ax6100 wifi router

If the router does not work properly, you need to check the firmware version. After updating the firmware, you get many new features. There are some steps to update the firmware.

  1. Firstly, you must download the latest firmware available for asus router.
  2. Now, you will unzip the download file.
  3. Open the web browser and type
  4. A login window pop up, enter login credentials.
  5. Under the advanced setting find administration section, click on it.
  6. In the top side, “firmware upgrade” appears on the Window, click on it. Then, click the “upload” section.
  7. Select the firmware file, you want to upload and click the “OPEN” button to upload the file.
  8. Wait for sometime, until the upload is complete, do not turn off the router RT-AX92U during the update.

Review of the asus ax6100 wireless wifi router RT-AX92U

The asus ax6100 router is a tremendous wireless wifi router, it is also versatile. It also provides a stable, better and strong wifi signal. This router has four extender antennas that help to maintain the wifi signal. The asus router works very well, it fulfills all requirements wifi network connectivity. This router is also a tri-band mesh wifi system. It provides seamless connection throughout the whole home. The asus wireless router includes higher wifi capacity, at a time it connects up to 250 devices. It eliminates the dead zone in the corner of the home and gives ultra-fast wifi speed. So, the Asus wifi router is the best device for playing gaming and streaming 4K videos.


Can I reset the asus wifi router using the reset button?

Yes you can easily reset the asus router with the reset button. For reset the router you need to power ON the wifi router. Then press the reset button for 15 seconds, the reset button is backside of the wifi router. After 10 seconds, release the button and router’s LED light turn to be orange. This means the reset of the wifi router is done.

How many devices can connect to an ASUS router at a time?

The Asus router is a powerful wifi network device. It also has a capacity, at a time it connects 250 networking devices like computer, laptop, mobile phone, wireless printer, security camera, extender and many more. It provides stable connectivity to all the devices, which are connected.

How to change default username and password of the asus ax6100 router?

If you want to change the default username and password, you can easily change it. For this, go to the router setting, click the “tools” section. Under this section select change username and password. You fill the new username and password. Click the “apply” setting.

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