The ASUS 3Pack ZenWiFi System is a short device and the wifi system is used to connect smartphones and computers. This wifi system has a special feature to connect with Bluetooth for playing songs and sharing data. People connect this device through the wireless connection and the wifi system has two ports for the wire. The wifi system is operated with the ASUS app. The wifi system is used in homes and shops for enjoyment such as video streaming, gaming, completing your office, and online classes, etc. the dual-band is the frequency band class. Separate frequency has a separate name that is, 2.4GHz radio frequency and 5GHz radio frequency. The data transferring rate of the device is 1800 megabits per second. The ASUS app offers full guidelines and we can change the setting of the Asus wifi owing to the app.

We can log in to the wifi system into the web browser. The controller type of the system is vera. The company of the device offers you the three wifi systems for increasing the internet connection range.

Features of the Mesh ZenWiFi System

There are multifarious features of the ASUS 3Pack ZenWiFi System. To commence with,

Strong connection:

The Zenwifi system transfers a faster and fully stable internet connection. This device works on two frequencies (2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies) for increasing and for making strong connections.

Parental control:

They can set the limit on internet usage. If the children use the internet continuously. They become addicted to a modern device. Thus, they do not concentrate on their studies. Parents can block wasteful web browser activities.

Work in the low area:

This mesh wifi system easily works in low network signal areas. They can connect the content of many devices with us in the low internet area.

Full security:

The ASUS 3Pack ZenWiFi System offers you full security. This device blocks restricted websites, videos, and apps with air protection technology. We can change the password and username easily. All the steps about changing settings are given on the app. If you forget the password. So, you have an alternative which is given to the under of login option that is, forget a password. First, for using the forget password option you need to connect your email ID with us. Then, the device sends a new password or code to your email ID.

Easy management and setup:

There are three wifi systems and their management and setup are very convenient. The setup of the device is completed in three steps. You can set up or manage the app with the ASUS mobile app.
These are incredible features of the Zenwifi system.

Installation Steps of ZenWiFi Mesh System

If you want to operate your device perfectly. So, follow these mentioned points in underlines. To trigger with,

  • First, you need to select the location and set it on the selected location.
  • After that, read all the envelope which is given on the packaging box and manual from the google of this product.
  • Read all pages carefully and full of concentration.
  • After this, start your installation procedure and follow the steps according to the manual steps.
  • Turn ON the device and connect the power adapter to the wifi system.
  • Then, put the power adapter into the power switch.
  • After that, turn on the wifi of your smartphone, computer, or laptop with the wifi mesh system.
  • Then, enter the password and take it from the label of the device. The label is fixed on the back of the device.
  • Then, click on the save and then, connect to access the internet point.
  • Then, create a new password for high security.
  • At last. Your device installation process was completed.

These are the installation steps of the mesh wifi system.

Ways to Login to the ASUS 3 Pack ZenWiFi System

These are the Login steps on the web browser.

  • Open the web browser into your IOS/Android device for login.
  • Then, search this for the device web pages.
  • After opening the web page ASUS, enter the username and password, which takes it from the label of the device.
  • Go to the settings select connection from the wireless or wired connection.
  • After selecting the connection method, enter in changing password settings.
  • To modify the password, you can put an old password, a new password, and a confirmation for the password into the given option boxes.
  • Then, use the web GUI to configure the settings and features of the device, automatically.
  • At last, follow the instructions which are given on the screen of the device.

These are the ways to login into the wifi system in the web browser.

3 Pack Zenwifi Mesh System Manual

In this manual, I will discuss the issues of the consumer in the format of questions. To begin with, how many devices are connected with the mesh wifi system? How do I log in to my device? I forgot the password of my ASUS 3Pack ZenWiFi System. What can I do? My wifi system is not able to connect to other devices. What should I do? Can this work with the router? Is it compatible with which device? How do I modify the settings of the wifi system? Can it cover whole homes with internet signals? How do I modify the security key of the ASUS mesh wifi system? Does this support printer sharing? Can I use this as a repeater? How much area covers this system? If any information is not given in the manual so, you can get it from here asus zenwifi ax manual with simple and understanding steps? Here, I will talk about how to set up the ASUS WiFi system in the lines below.

Steps to setup the ASUS mesh wifi system

There are many steps to operate your device. To trigger with,
Configure the General setting

Using the Network Map:

The network map helps to configure the security settings, client settings, and USB settings.

Setup the wireless security settings:

It helps to secure your network from the interference of other networks and it also configures the settings.

  • Enter into device settings and open the network map.
  • Then, on the network setting and under the settings static. In this process, you need to configure the security setting, SSID, and inscription setting.
  • After that, you need to enter another name and security key different from the admin username and password.
  • Then, they keep down the list and configure encryption mode for the network setting.
  • They enter the security key.
  • At last, when your process is completed, click on the Apply.
Manage the client setting
  • Go to the setting and click on the network map.
  • Click on the icon on the network client.
  • Then, the client clock list was opened, and then, blocked the client network.
  • Tap on the save option.
Managing the USB setting
  • Go to the settings and then, click on the network map settings
  • After that, select the icon of USB network status from the network list. Then, you got the USB setting information.
  • After that, go to setup IFT for allowing sharing data from one device to another device.
  • Then, complete the ejection process of the USB setting that option is given on the right corner.
  • At last, click on the save option, your device process has been completed.
Guest network
  • Go to the guest network in the setting.
  • Then, choose the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies which you want to create.
  • After that, enable the guest network.
  • Then, change the setting of the guest network according to their choice. Which setting you want to remove click on the delete.
  • Make the new ordinary name for the guest setting. Then, save that name.
  • Choose the authentic method.
  • Select the WPA mode.
  • Then, set the time and data sharing limit.
  • After that, enable or disable the setting of the wifi system.
  • If your process is completed then, click on the Apply.

These are the setup process of the ASUS wireless system. You can get more from here asus zenwifi ax mini setup.

Troubleshooting steps of ASUS 3 Pack ZenWiFi System

I failed to remember the password of my wifi system. What should I do?

I forget your device password and then, open the login page. There is the option of forgetting passwords. When you use this option if you attach the email ID or mobile number with us.
You do not connect the email ID with the device’s wifi system.
The second option is for you to use the reset button. The reset process changes the setting of the device like a new one. You need to set the setting again the same as the router. To reset your wifi system you need a pin that enters into the hole of the reset option. Then, the hole for five to six seconds. When the process started the LED lights were blinking.

How do I improve the firmware’s latest version?

Initially, open the login page and enter the password and username. Then, open the settings of the device and see the firmware update option. Then click on the update option. Upload the download updated file into the setting of the device. Click on the save option and enjoy because you got new features and high processing speed.

My device does not connect to another device through Bluetooth. What can I do?

First, unplug the modem and disconnect the modem from the ASUS 3Pack ZenWiFi System or computer. Then, wait for 5 minutes. Then check all the connections with the modem. After this, plug the modem into the correct power switch and it connects to the mesh wifi system or smartphone, computer, laptop. Then it works properly.

ASUS 3Pack ZenWiFi System Review

This product is a very excellent device and it connects up to 15 devices with us. My friend purchased it last Sunday from Flipkart. Yesterday, I went to their home and I asked my friend to ON the hotspot of your phone because his house comes under a slow zone area. Then, he showed me the ASUS wifi system. He said, connect my phone with his, and then, I connected my device with ours. It works excellently. After that, he explained all the features of this device and also told me, the company gives some discount on the device. He also suggested, I purchase this product.

ZenWiFi system features:

The Zenwifi mesh system features a strong connection, parental control, works in low areas, provides full security, and easy management and setup.

3 Pack ZenWiFi system Design:

The wifi system design is very nice and it is small. It is to locate because this device covers a small area. We can easily transport this device from one place to another. This easily adjusts: in the paint pocket.

Dimension of the wireless ZenWiFi system:

The package dimensions are;15.17 x 7.88 x 5.2 inches.

The specification of the Zenwifi mesh system:

The item weight is 4.08 pounds. The Amazon Standard Identification Number is B08BQDTMGC. The manufacturer name of the device is ASUS and the first availability date in India is 23 June 2020. This is a 3 device pack and all work very professionally. Mostly this device works with the wireless system.

Zenwifi mesh system price:

Today, the price of the device is $269.94.


How many devices are connected with this device?

There are up to 15 devices that can connect with this wireless wifi system.

Can this device work with the router?

No, this device is not compatible with any router.

Is it compatible with the repeater?

Yes, this device works with the repeater where the internet signa[s become very low.

How much is covered by this device?

The coverage of this device is 5,500sq.

How do I log in to my device?

Take the guidelines from the envelope and ASUS mobile app.

Can it cover the whole home?

Yes, this device can cover all corners of the home.

Does it work smoothly with what radio frequency?

Yes, it works with both 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio frequencies, respectively.

How do I modify the setting of the device?

Read all pages of the envelope which is given on the packaging box. You can also read the manual from Google.

Can this ASUS wifi system work with google assistant or Alexa?

I don’t know about this feature that is working with google assistant or Alexa.

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